Price Prediction 2022 – 2025

What if we told you there was a cryptocurrency more valuable than Bitcoin? No, we’re not pulling your leg! This price prediction will introduce you to a token that’s seen astronomical growth and surpassed milestones even Bitcoin hasn’t.

The crypto coin in question is none other than YFI. began its journey at levels other, older tokens haven’t seen yet: it climbed from $30 to $30,000 in just two months! It’s part of an elite club of very few crypto assets that went through a price jump of over 100,000%. But unlike the competition, YFI pulled it off in just a couple of months.

In fact, with an ATH of almost $83,000, has reached higher peaks than even the queen of cryptocurrencies, BTC. That achievement speaks volumes as to its potential.

Right now, however, YFI is trading at much lower (yet by no means laughable) levels close to $20K. Some experts suggest that this is the calm before the storm — they expect to climb all the way to $100,000 in just a few years.

Is now the best time to act? Will YFI really explode, or is this DeFi marvel overhyped? We hope to answer that for you in this price prediction. | Recent News

yfi on the top of digital map world creator Andre Cronje recently shocked the crypto world. First, he suddenly became inactive in March, which worried many traders and investors. Then, he returned with a surprise: Cronje revealed he and his team are working on new, regulated crypto projects.

We don’t know much yet, but Cronje seems to be focused on the next thing he develops rather than changing at present. Nevertheless, this isn’t bad news for the protocol. After all, is governed by the community of YFI holders, so what Cronje does hardly matters.

In other recent news, also expressed its support for the new ERC-4626 standard. ERC-4626 is a new framework for yield-bearing cryptocurrencies that has been gaining traction lately. If it gets adopted as the new standard for several such tokens, ERC-4626 can make their networks more secure and improve their collaborations. 

YFI Price History: Impressive Journey So Far

yfi logo in a price prediction

Unlike most cryptocurrencies, didn’t launch at a low price. YFI was worth around $30 at launch and very quickly multiplied in value. By September 2020, YFI had reached a maximum price of about $43,000. Essentially, grew more than 100,000% in just a few months.

But its amazing feats don’t end there. reached an all-time high of $82,745 in May 2021 during the crypto boom. Is that higher than Bitcoin at its peak? Yes, it is.

Of course, the lull in the cryptocurrency market in the past half a year or so has impacted the price of too. YFI has retreated to trade at an average price of around $23K lately. Its current price as of writing is $19,397.

Thus, even at its low points, is a cryptocurrency that many other tokens envy. 

Technical Analysis & Yearn.Finance Price Prediction

First off, let’s look at what technical oscillators and moving averages have to say about We’ve summarised their signals here:

Chart TimeframeOscillatorsMoving AveragesSummary
1 DayNeutralStrong sellSell
1 WeekNeutralStrong sellSell
1 MonthBuyStrong sellSell

Overall, the technical summary is a bit inconclusive, though it leans towards a sell signal. This result means that, based on mathematical analysis, the price of might decrease within these timeframes.

Nevertheless, technicals cannot account for fundamental factors and other unforeseen circumstances that can affect the value of an asset. For this reason, it’s best not to think of technical analysis as absolute. Price Prediction 2022 – 2025

To further explore what the future price of might be, we looked at various price forecasts and picked the most reliable ones. Here are analysts’ YFI predictions for the future:

  • Price Prediction expects that YFI will trade at an average price of $28,351 in 2022. The highest coin price of YFI expected this year is $32,262. These price predictions are in line with data by Wallet Investor too.
  • Next year, the Yearn finance price prediction is between $40,181 and $47,976. The average trading price in 2023 is expected to be $41,599. Meanwhile, Wallet Investor only expects a YFI asset price of $14,171 next year.
  • In 2024, YFI could reach a maximum price of $70,147 and a minimum price of $56,473. However, Wallet Investor is contrary and expects a much lower average price of around $1,200 in 2024.
  • As for 2025, the YFI price prediction is for a new ATH of at least $84,642. could see a price rise to $99,440. Here Wallet Investor is also very pessimistic, seeing growth to just under $6,000 in 2025.

Crypto Experts’ Verdict on

In an overview of, Coin Bureau shared that he was ‘blown away’ by this set of protocols. He was impressed by its complexity and the opportunities it opens for decentralised finance lovers. He seemed interested in YFI but warned that there is still smart contract risk involved when investing in this asset.

Another popular crypto analyst on YouTube, Max Maher, also praised for simplifying yield farming, making it accessible to more people. He did not make a YFI price forecast but seemed bullish on this token. He predicts that it would increase in value if YFI token holders approve a new set of proposed changes. | The Basics is one of the newest and perhaps most obscure services in the DeFi space. In fact, many people don’t know much about it, likely because it just launched in 2020, a time when the crypto market was already full of so many different blockchain solutions.

But despite its relatively short existence, has already begun making a name for itself. It is one of the most innovative DeFi services that doesn’t aim to compete with any existing blockchain networks. Instead, offers alternative opportunities to profit from the crypto market.

The best way to describe is as a collection of protocols that run on Ethereum. These protocols are APY, Earn, Vaults, and Zap, each offering a different service.

APY is purely informative, showing interest rates across different networks and protocols. You can think of it as a profit calculator, a tool to use before deciding how to invest your crypto tokens.

Zap is an exchange service that allows you to take a shortcut to minimise fees. Essentially, it cuts down crypto trades that might typically need multiple operations and combines them in just one transaction.

Earn and Vaults are the true money-makers. These two protocols permit users to invest their crypto coins and earn interest on them. 

The YFI Token has a native token powering its protocols — YFI. The primary use of this coin is governance. In other words, YFI holders can decide the protocol’s future. In addition, they also earn a share of the fees collects from transactions. This rewards system creates an incentive for users to obtain and hold onto their YFI coins.

Where to Buy YFI

You can get your hands on this hot new token on some crypto exchanges. Our best recommendation is a broker such as eToro because of the higher versatility of its services. It allows you to buy or sell YFI and also to invest in different asset types. For example, you can trade and invest in stocks from the same account.

Moreover, eToro is quite beginner-friendly. Its demo account feature offers a realistic taste of what a live trading session feels like without putting your finances at risk. What better learning environment is there? Price Prediction | Frequently Asked Questions logo in a chip

In case you’re wondering about anything else to do with YFI, here are the web’s most pressing questions and their answers.

Is Coin a Good Investment?

The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and unpredictable. Unforeseen circumstances could always foil even the best-laid plans. For this reason, it’s difficult to say whether any token is a profitable investment. Nevertheless, YFI remains one of the most fascinating tokens out there. is a vastly ambitious project that’s still relatively new. If YFI holders use their governance rights to turn into a leader in the DeFi space, then YFI can undoubtedly grow in price.

Why Is So High?

YFI has been a valuable token ever since its launch, a rare phenomenon in the crypto space. The most likely explanation for its high price is the limited supply. Yearn Finance has a very small total supply cap of 30,000 yearn finance tokens — many times less than the count of most other cryptos. The laws of supply and demand dictate that the rarer the good, the higher its price. With so few YFI tokens in circulation, it’s natural for its value to be so high. Note that the low supply means that YFI has a small market cap of around $703 million despite its high price.

How High Can YFI Crypto Go?

It depends on what timeframe we’re talking about. Check our yearn finance price predictions above to see specific levels YFI can reach between 2022 and 2025. Broadly speaking, market experts believe it can reclaim its ATH of almost $83K and make its way to $100,000 in the next four years. But due to the volatility of the crypto market, anything is possible. It can rise more than that or drop far below these levels. Keep these risks in mind when planning your investments.

Is a Cryptocurrency?

No, is a set of DeFi protocols running on the Ethereum blockchain. You can think of it more as a service than a network or a cryptocurrency. However, it does have a native token — YFI. That’s a cryptocurrency.

Why Is Yearn Finance Going Down?

Two reasons. First, YFI tumbled from its all-time high because of massive profit-taking by investors. Its value had become so high — higher than BTC — that many decided to sell it and reap the benefits. Then, for many months the price of YFI tried to stabilise around the $30,000 level. The reason it’s seen a price fall since lies in the overall troubles of the cryptocurrency market. Global issues such as the energy crisis and out-of-control inflation have demanded a policy switch, leading to a weakening in all crypto tokens. That’s what we’re seeing now. When these factors clear up, it’s likely that crypto will take off again.


The information presented in the (YFI) article should not be considered financial advice. Markets are volatile and financial investments should be discussed with an expert. See more information on the various risks below.