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Eclac is your place for crypto news, articles and all the buzz around the booming blockchain technology and digital currencies’ trading.

The crypto articles media website will reveal to-the-point information about:

  • start trading with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies; you will get to know how to buy/sell cryptocurrencies; you will also learn the right time to buy/sell and trade crypto.
  • understanding the price charts of all cryptocurrencies available online; Eclac will reveal when, why and how much the prices of different crypto changes; you will get experts forecasts and speculations on price changes daily.
  • frequently occurred mistakes of renowned Bitcoin traders and other crypto traders. Being aware of these mistakes will prepare you ahead. You will get to know the steps you need to take to avoid these mistakes.
  • best practices about Bitcoin trading. These practices will guide you in making more profit and minimizing losses.

Eclac may seem familiar to you as it is an acronym that stands for Economic Commission for Latin America and The Caribbean.

Eclac wants to clearly state that our team strictly differentiates with the history of the organization Economic Commission for Latin America and The Caribbean and its management. Eclac provides information around the Bitcoin market and is NOT a financial advisor or tool to invest in trade crypto with. We only give you advice and guides on what we feel will make you get the best out of investing in crypto. We are not liable for any losses. We do not request any form of percentages on any profit you make from following our advice.  We completely disassociate ourselves from anyone who claims to be from us, asking for sensitive information from you. We do not represent or advertise any online trading platform.