Is Bitcoin Thunderbolt 2023 a Scam? Read This Before You Invest

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Cryptocurrency has been a buzzword for several years now – from new coins arriving on the market to various platforms offering their services to support budding investors. One of the latest entrants is the Bitcoin Thunderbolt broker matching platform, which claims to be the next big thing in the cryptocurrency world.

This perked up our ears, and we decided to give the platform a go and find out – is a letdown or the next big thing? In this Bitcoin Thunderbolt review, we will delve into the platform’s inner workings and assess whether it is a legitimate investment opportunity or a potential scam.

Our Vote: 4.7/5

Educational resources, including market analysis and trading tutorials.No guarantees you will make a profit.
Wide network of top-tier crypto brokers for you to choose from.
Simple and intuitive interface, making it easy for beginners to use.

Before we proceed with this review, we’d like to take a moment to mention that trading is risky, and we are not responsible for any losses. Before investing, we urge you to conduct adequate research and familiarise yourself with the psychological and financial dangers of trading cryptocurrencies. Before making any investment decisions, always conduct comprehensive market research and speak with a professional financial advisor. Never invest more money than you can afford to lose.

What Is Bitcoin Thunderbolt?

Is Bitcoin Thunderbolt an emerging new coin you should invest in? Or a trading platform? Perhaps you think it’s an auto-trading bot.

Well, it’s none of the above. Bitcoin Thunderbolt is a crypto broker-matching service designed to bridge the gap between hot-off-the-fire investors and the crypto trading world.

A handshake as a symbol of successful transaction on brokerage services.

In their own words, Bitcoin Thunderbolt claims they aim to remove the extra hassle of trading and make it extremely approachable so that even inexperienced traders can enjoy the potential benefits of crypto investments. We plan to unravel how they help brokers achieve this goal in the following few sections.

You might be wondering why anyone would need the service of a crypto broker. Chances are, you could just go and look for one right now, so what’s the purpose of mediatorship services like Bitcoin Thunderbolt?

Simply put, Bitcoin Thunderbolt offers a secure, hassle-free method of finding crypto brokers in a sector often swarming with scams. You would save time while using the platform, and it’s free to register on the website. Overall, it’s a win-win situation for you.

What Are Other Bitcoin Thunderbolt Reviews Saying?

As part of our research, we had a look at various other Bitcoin Thunderbolt reviews online. We were surprised to find out how many of them claimed the website was a trading platform, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

As for comments on the website being a scam, we considered our list of common red flags and checked if the website ticked any of the following:

  • False claims promising substantial monetary gains.
  • Hidden trading fees and costs.
  • Lack of transparency and missing Terms and Conditions.

Bitcoin Thunderbolt didn’t check any of these boxes, so we can conclude that the website is not a scam . Quite the opposite: Bitcoin Thunderbolt highlights the risks that come with trading and includes a detailed Terms and Conditions section on its website. They also go one step further, ensuring they offer top-notch security, such as SSL encryption, and take extra effort to verify your profile.

Now that you know Bitcoin Thunderbolt is credible, you might be more inclined to sign up for their service. But what if they have a long and tedious signup process? Well, we went along and gave it a try, and we’re happy to report that it only takes four simple steps to use their platform.

How To Create a Bitcoin Thunderbolt Account

They’re not joking when they say signing up is fast and intuitive. All you need is your phone number and email, and you should be set up with your Bitcoin Thunderbolt account and ready to trade in mere minutes. Simply follow the next steps.


The registration form is right at the top of their homepage, and all you need to fill in are your full name, email address and active phone number. Make sure to double-check that all your information is correct and proceed by clicking “Register Now”. By the way, we also tried to sign up using a mobile browser, and the process was just as seamless.


Smilling male call centre operator working in the office

Make yourself available in the next few minutes, as a member of Bitcoin Thunderbolt’s partners will reach out to confirm your details. This extra step is designed to verify that you are human, confirm your details, and prevent bots and scammers from registering on the website.


While signing up with Bitcoin Thunderbolt’s website is free, in order to proceed with trading, you will be asked to make a minimum deposit of 250 USD. Don’t worry. This money is yours to trade with once one of Bitcoin Thunderbolt’s partner brokers shares their trading resources and software with you.


As soon as the deposit lands in your account, you can utilise all of the features your broker provides and start trading crypto. But what are they? We’ll take a deeper look at each of them in the next section.

Bitcoin Thunderbolt Top Features

Bitcoin Thunderbolt’s innovative system will consider your data and match you with the perfect broker in your country. You’ll have the opportunity to speak directly to them and use any insights and tools they provide. The brokers will help you with your investments and give you valuable resources to research and consider when making your investment decisions. Luckily, all these tools are designed to be beginner-friendly, so the process won’t feel daunting if you’re a newbie trader.

Intuitive Interface

Bitcoin Thunderbolt official website on different devices

The first thing you’ll notice is the simple and accessible interface. The platform is stripped away from distractions, making it easy to navigate. It works just as well on mobile as on desktop, and the simplistic interface makes it faster to load – perfect for the less tech-savvy!

Robust Security

We are certain one of the first things you would be concerned about is your security, so we are happy to say that Bitcoin Thunderbolt has taken extra steps to ensure that your personal data is kept away from unwanted eyes. Aside from verifying your account upon registering, the website is protected by the latest SSL encryption, which banks use to safeguard your personal details.

No Hidden Fees

The website is entirely forward about any sums that might be asked throughout your trading, including the 250 USD minimum deposit required on behalf of the brokers. This is not a fee that Bitcoin Thunderbolt will take, instead, you will use it to make your first investments. You will be relieved to hear that no hidden fees should raise your concern.

First-Rate Support

Bitcoin Thunderbolt’s brokers are there to help you with any questions about the crypto industry with fresh investment advice, market statistics, analytics tools, trading robots, and so much more. No matter where you are based, how experienced you are, or what objectives you have set for yourself for the future, you’ll be in good hands. Any of the skilled brokers can provide customer support to raise your trading level! Brokers are available round the clock to answer any pressing questions you may have, so feel free to reach out.

Trade Tools

Users will also get access to fantastic management tools, such as up-to-the-minute market data charts, exclusive crypto market alerts, timelines, and fresh trading concepts to assist you and keep you on top of the markets, in addition to all of the features mentioned above. You can invest in almost any cryptocurrency you can think of, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP and many more.

Various linked and supplementary assets are available for individuals wishing to diversify their portfolio into stocks, futures, forex currency pairings, or CFDs. Multiple order types are available, including stop-loss, take-profit, rapid execution, limit, and other trading preferences.

Demo Mode

cryptocurrency concept of a golden bitcoin (BTC) coin.

Worried about losing money while learning the ropes? Whilst losses are unavoidable, you won’t have to lose any funds while learning. Instead, you can utilise the demo trading features offered by your broker and experiment with trading using simulations. You won’t be able to make any real money, even if your trading strategy has proved successful, but it’s a great way to get around various software and avoid making costly mistakes!

Automated Trading

Of course, it’s only fair that Bitcoin Thunderbolt tailors to experienced traders as well. There are trading tools even veteran investors can make use of – like AI trading bots, for example. Your broker can introduce you to special software that can do the trading for you and even follow the trading steps of other crypto enthusiasts. If you are one to live a busy lifestyle, an auto trader is a great tool you can tweak to invest on your behalf – never miss out on the best price ever again.

Of course, using trading robots comes with some risks and takes getting used to, so we recommend new traders stay away from them until they feel confident in their trading abilities.

Our Verdict on Bitcoin Thunderbolt

As you can see, Bitcoin Thunderbolt provides many opportunities to jumpstart your trading. It offers you individual support by providing you with a dedicated crypto broker who will help streamline your trading process, and the platform also ensures you have enough resources to support your first trades.

So what is our verdict? Well, we made it quite clear where we stand regarding Bitcoin Thunderbolt. This service helps traders, who would otherwise have to spend hours each day researching on their own – a valuable time they could spend on their trades and developing investment strategies. Bitcoin Thunderbolt also ensures you won’t get ripped off by a broker along the way or fall for a scam, providing you with the security and support you deserve. They get a thumbs-up from us!

Frequently Asked Questions About Bitcoin Thunderbolt

We scoured the internet for the most frequently asked questions about Bitcoin Thunderbolt by the trading community. If you have more queries, you can check below or visit the Bitcoin Thunderbolt website and learn more straight from the source.

Is Bitcoin Thunderbolt Reliable?

You can undoubtedly rely on the platform to connect you with a top-tier crypto broker who can share their research and resources and help you get started with your trading. With its safety measures in place, you won’t have to worry about being scammed, as Bitcoin Thunderbolt is a legitimate platform. That being said, no platform can eliminate market risk, so proceed with caution when investing.

Do Celebrities Endorse Bitcoin Thunderbolt?

We have found zero evidence of any celebrity publicly claiming to have used Bitcoin Thunderbolt for their trading, but this isn’t surprising, considering the website only launched recently.

What Is the Success Rate of Bitcoin Thunderbolt?

We couldn’t find any public data regarding Bitcoin Thunderbolt’s success rate in connecting you with a crypto broker. However, we can say with certainty that you will be minimising the risk of scams, and you will have a bigger chance of increasing your ROI when paired with a crypto broker.


The information presented in the Bitcoin Thunderbolt article should not be considered financial advice. Markets are volatile and financial investments should be discussed with an expert. See more information on the various risks below.