1INCH Price Prediction 2030: Uniting DApps

Based on a technical analysis, the highest 1INCH price prediction 2030 is $118.07.

Uniting decentralised protocols in the DeFi space, will 1INCH generate better rates than individual exchanges? Maintaining and surpassing the current numbers is highly anticipated, with many popular cryptocurrencies in play like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Avalanche.

Expect this 1INCH price prediction 2030 to help you assess the token’s price, history, performance, and possible future outcomes in the crypto market. Of course, it would provide a hint for you to determine if it is a good investment.

As a facilitator for decentralised exchanges, 1INCH has an incredible growth potential. Considering that its reach expands to various operations, protocols, and liquidity pools, it is evident that it is a major player in the crypto space. Due to its wide reach, many people look forward to 1INCH’s future prospects and potential price increase.

Will 1INCH produce the most lucrative operation in the DeFi sector? Learn the experts’ estimations in this 1INCH price prediction 2030. Future investors should check this article out to weigh the risks of investing in this coin.

About the 1INCH Network and How It Affects the Token’s Future Price

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Reading price predictions is not enough; you should also know what affects an asset’s price and how these developments contribute to your investment. Being informed about the native token lets you know what happens to your crypto assets, saving you from potentially losing money due to price fluctuations.

The 1INCH aggregator has multiple protocols and features affecting its performance in the crypto world. First and foremost, its robust software can scan multiple DEXs at once to offer you the best exchange rate when converting cryptocurrency. So, rather than competing with other exchanges, 1inch cooperates with them. This ensures it holds a crucial place in the crypto trading world.

Furthermore, the 1INCH Liquidity Protocol is an AMM that protects from threats and attacks. It also facilitates flexible opportunities in decentralised finance exchange with the 1INCH Limit Order Protocol. It is a multichain token that secures your money via the 1INCH wallet, also available on mobile.

1INCH, the network’s governance and utility token, is utilised in protocol parameters for voting purposes, specifically under DAO. It is also important to note that 1INCH has acquired large funding from different networks throughout the years in the crypto space.

Historical Data and 1INCH Token Price

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The 1INCH aggregator was launched in 2019 by Sergej Kunz and his co-founder Anton Bukov. This protocol is unique in that it has access to multi-chains’ deepest liquidity.

1inch’s native token achieved its maximum price of $7.47 in May 2021. Throughout the year it kept up its bullish movement, with only a few corrections. Its second spike happened in October 2021, reaching $5.67. The current price of 1INCH is $1.56, with a market cap of $645.57 million.

This governance token is ranked #102 with a live trading volume of $108.64 million as of March 21, 2022. Based on CoinMarketCap’s data, there are 413 million 1INCH coins in circulating supply.

1INCH Token Price Prediction 2030

In these 1INCH prices predictions, we have presented both potential price rises and dips to show you the bigger picture of what to expect in the future.

Analysts Believing the 1INCH Token Will Go Up

  • Price gains could happen by 2030. Price Prediction anticipates 1INCH could reach an average price of $47.83 and could even go higher to $53.42.
  • 1INCH crypto coins could experience a price rise to $118.07, based on a bullish trend prediction by Tech News Leader.
  • According to Cryptocurrency Price Prediction, the price is expected to reach $66.05 by 2030.

Analysts Believing the 1INCH Token Will Go Down

  • A price prognosis by Motivation Grid indicates a slight price dip of $40 to $50 by 2030.
  • Digital Coin is not too optimistic, with the coin only reaching an average trading price of $7.03 and a maximum price of $7.24 by 2030.
  • The predicted price of 1INCH by 2030, according to Wallet Investor, is $1.61.

Experts’ Estimations on the 1INCH Price

CAREER BUILDER on YouTube provided price forecasts for 1INCH with both positive and negative possibilities shown in the video. According to them, it could reach a maximum price of $14.72 with an average price of $12.99.

1INCH has great potential despite its current price, according to Crypto Never Sleeps. The video showed price predictions for 2022 to 2025. They provided estimations from various sources, which say it is possible that the coin could reach $19.9 to $50.97 by 2025.

Altcoin Radar provides a realistic long estimation. In the video, he provides a five-year prediction that states the price of 1INCH could rise to $50 if it reaches a $10 billion market cap in the near future.

How Risky Is 1INCH as an Investment?

Before investing, calculating the risk is a crucial step. Potential investors should know that there are numerous risks involved in investing in 1INCH and other cryptocurrencies, including:

  • Secured 1INCH coin wallet: Despite the secured wallet promoted by the network, there are still unpredicted threats lurking. It is not advisable to be complacent in the crypto world, so make sure to have a trustworthy wallet like eToro.
  • Cryptocurrency market volatility: Market turbulence is a normal occurrence in the crypto world. You should be aware and prepared for sudden price changes. If you pay attention, you could get the highest rate or experience losing a large sum if you are not careful.
  • Utility competition: Other cryptocurrencies could affect the price of 1INCH. If the network does not manage to maintain and even goes considerably below its current price value, coin holders in the community could lose interest and invest in other cryptos.

1INCH Price Prediction Conclusion

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Some analysts see potential in 1INCH, but any price predictions should not serve as the only basis to ascertain if it is a worthwhile investment. If a bullish run is on the way, you could profit a lot, considering that the highest price prediction is $118.07.

The downside is if the value of 1INCH drops to $1.61, meaning the profit will not be as high as anticipated. Again, these numbers serve as a guide only and should not be taken as the sole reference for decision-making.


Many users like yourself have questions in mind before and during investing. Have a peek at what others have asked about the 1INCH token.

What Is the Future of the 1INCH Coin?

Nobody can see into the future. However, many experts are bullish on 1inch, though their level of optimism varies. For example, Digital Coin suggests a short-term prediction of around $2.53 months from now. According to Tech News Leader, by 2030, 1INCH could go up to $118.07.

Where Can I Buy 1INCH Tokens?

1INCH has a mobile wallet you can use. There are also other e-wallets like eToro for trustworthy transactions. In fact, as a full-fledged broker, eToro offers other opportunities as well. For instance, you can invest in other assets like stocks, currency pairs, futures, etc. Moreover, you can also bet against these instruments, 1inch included, by selling rather than buying them.

Is 1INCH Centralised?

1INCH participates in decentralised exchanges. It is one of the popular decentralised finance protocols.

How Does 1INCH Make Money?

The aggregator collects a small fee on each exchange it performs. Thanks to the large volume of transactions daily, its profits are substantial. As for how you can make money, profiting from 1INCH is likely similar to other cryptocurrencies. Investors need to provide liquidity to liquidity pools to earn passively. Liquidity providers can collect assets and farming rewards afterward.


The information presented in the 1INCH article should not be considered financial advice. Markets are volatile and financial investments should be discussed with an expert. See more information on the various risks below.