ZEC (zCash) Price Prediction 2022-2025

To sum up, this deeply informative ZEC (zCash) price prediction shows that ZEC could hit a price of up to $1,000 per token between now and 2025. To discover how, then read on to explore this easy-to-follow price forecast.

One of the most common misconceptions about Bitcoin is the amount of anonymity. However, if you were aware of recent court cases surrounding the activities of certain individuals on the dark web, you’d know the reality.

Although it was the proverbial starting gun of the crypto industry, the reality is that Bitcoin isn’t as anonymous as you’d like to believe. BTC is not, in fact, untraceable. Despite many people believing that it was entirely anonymous.

This myth was busted during a series of high-profile court cases that saw various dark web users brought to trial. Bitcoin was used in various illicit purchases for everything from drugs to guns. But it didn’t take long for U.S. law enforcement to trace many of these purchases back to those behind them.

The trials raised concern amongst the crypto community. Many of whom valued the anonymity that was said to have come with Bitcoin. There was a gap in the market for a privacy-focused altcoin, and zCash came along to fill it.

zCash promised its users full anonymity and increased speeds, and lower fees. It didn’t take long to develop a significant fanbase and loyal community, and the ZEC price skyrocketed in situ. But what does the future hold for its minimum price or maximum price? In this zCash (ZEC) price prediction, we intend to get a good idea of potential increases from the zCash price today!

What is ZEC (zCash), And How Does It Work?

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The brain behind zCash was a computer security expert from the United States. His name is Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn, and he founded zCash back in 2016 in the wake of the dark web trials. zCash aimed to create an altcoin that boasted the privacy features that countless people assumed were a given with Bitcoin. 

To accomplish this, zCash created an encrypted cryptocurrency that combined Bitcoin’s original open ledger system with high-tech encryption technology. By doing so, users of zCash were granted access to the ability to carry out decentralized transactions in a safe, private, and secure manner. 

To make up for Bitcoin’s privacy flaws, zCashmade use of zero-knowledge proofs. Also referred to as zk-SNARKs, these ensure anonymity by validating transactions without giving away any personal data that could be used to identify the identity of a zCash user. 

But like any smart altcoin, zCash knew that it needed to bring more than just privacy to compete with Bitcoin. In addition to its anonymous features, ZEC also boasts countless other benefits, such as significantly increased transaction speeds and dramatically reduced fees.

As the environmental impact of digital currencies becomes an increasing issue, zCash has taken the bull by the horns. They have pledged to create a more environmentally-friendly mining process in the next few years. This could have a dramatically positive effect on the price of zCash.

The Price History of zCash

Since its foundation in 2016, zCash has developed a significant community known for being loyal. This has led to a significant increase in its value. Just take 2021, for example.

zCash began 2021 at a price hovering around $100 to $104. Things didn’t get off to the best start when the price dipped to $79 in late January. But this was temporary, to say the least!

A couple of weeks later, in mid-February, the price of zCash had surged from $79 to over $180. This led to a flood of investors cashing out their investments, leading to a price dip to under $110.

However, savvy investors knew that this was temporary and seized their chance to get on board with zCash again. For those that did, the rewards were incredible when the price of zCash surged once again. This time, it skyrocketed to more than $315 in May. The subsequent sell-off caused a price dip to around $90 in July.

In September, the price of zCash rose again. This time, it surged past $170 per token. With winter approaching, many expected things to cool down for zCash. But they were wrong!

By November, the price of zCash rose again and surged past $275. As this altcoin focused on user privacy entered 2022, it underwent a price dip. Many experts believe this is the best time to get on board in preparation for another zCash price movement. Speaking of which!

Expert Opinions on The Average Zec (zcash) Price Prediction

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zCash took the crypto world by storm when it first hit the scene, and its recent price increases have kept it firmly in the spotlight of cryptocurrency experts worldwide. In this section of our ZEC price prediction, let’s see what they say regarding the potential maximum price in their zCash forecast releases.

Crypto Millionaire on The Average Trading Price

First off, is Crypto Millionaire. In a zCash price prediction that racked up thousands of views, they assessed various expert insights to conclude that the zCash price has a very bullish future in store. They believe that in the next few years, the average price of zCash could surpass a future price of $1,000.

Token Metrics on The Future zCash Price

Next up is the amazingly insightful zCash price forecast from Token Metrics. Slightly more bearish than the previous expert insight, Token Metrics assessed a range of tools and patterns to conclude that the zCash (ZEC) price could hit a minimum price somewhere over $300 in the next few years. Overall, they believe the minimum value of ZEC has the potential to be a good investment.

Epic Saheed on The Minimum Price of zCash

And last but by no means least is the rather epic zCash price predictions from Epic Shaheed. This popular crypto expert assessed the insights from various other crypto analysts to assess the possibility of a zCash price equal to $1,500 on the crypto market between now and 2025.

Technical Analysis of The Zec (zcash) Price Prediction

One of the best combinations at any price forecast is expert opinions and technical analysis. This section will delve into the latter in a year-by-year coverage of the zCash price.

ZCash price prediction 2022-2023

The performance of zCash in 2022 is similar to the previous year. It experienced a price dip at the beginning of the year and slumped to below $150. But by the second half, it’s expected to bounce back and hit an average price somewhere over $250 by the end of the year.

Zec (zcash) Price Predictionn 2023-2024

2023 is expected to be a slower year for zCash. Rolling into the year at over $250, technical analysis expects a slight dip to $242 before it rises again and finishes at over $260.

Zec (zcash) Price Prediction 2024-2025

Between 2024 and 2025, technical insights tell us that we could see the price of zCash increase by more than 120% from the current zCash price. The first half of the year could see the price hit $268, and the second half could see a much more significant increase that saw the price hit more than $305.

Final Thoughts On The Average Trading Price of zCash

zCash came along with a noble goal of providing the privacy functions many wrongly assumed were automatically given with Bitcoin. It’s safe to say that it achieved its mission and has simultaneously brought a wide range of other benefits, from higher speeds to lower speeds.

The price history of ZEC in 2021 alone shows a phenomenal price performance. Both technical analysis and expert insights agree that the future could be equally bright. Overall, the consensus is that it could surpass $1,000 at least. But only time will tell.

If you see the potential in zCash, you might wonder where is the best place to buy ZEC and invest in it. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. This is a question commonly asked by new and experienced traders alike. Next, we will show you the best place to do it.

Where to Invest in ZCash Safely?

The truth is, zCash isn’t that hard to find and buy. If you’re an experienced investor, that is. This innovative altcoin has been listed on many major crypto exchanges. But to use them effectively, traders usually require a certain level of experience in the cryptocurrency market.

For beginners, it’s advised to use a well-regulated broker like eToro instead to buy zCash. With eToro, you will be guided by the hand into trading effectively and sensibly. You can practice with a demo trading account and take advantage of social trading features and various investing tools. 

As well as offering the chance to buy zCash and sell zCash, eToro offers an enormous array of other cryptocurrencies that will allow you to craft a truly diversified portfolio for the future. 

Zec (zcash) Price Prediction FAQ

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Often billed as an improved version of BTC, many people are naturally curious about zCash, which summons some valid questions. We will answer the most critical inquiries as we round off this zCash price prediction. 

Is zCash Really Private?

Privacy is the main feature of zCash. But many are curious about how private it really is! Thanks to the encryption technology used by zCash, both senders and receivers are granted an equal level of anonymity and privacy during transactions. Overall, it’s very private!

What Will The Maximum Price of zCash be?

The truth is, nobody knows for sure. But there are many tools we can use in price predictions to get insight into the potential highest price of zCash. Overall, the zCash community believes it could surpass $1,000 in the next few years. A significant increase from its current price. What its maximum value will be, nobody knows.

Who is Behind ZCash?

zCash may be all about anonymity, but it is thankfully transparent to its founder. The creator of zCash is a computer security expert from the United States called Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn.

Is ZCash Legal to Use?

Many people are naturally curious about the legal status of such an anonymous altcoin. zCash is completely legal to buy, sell, and use. It has been listed on some of the most well-regulated crypto exchanges and brokerages worldwide.


The information presented in the zCash (ZEC) article should not be considered financial advice. Markets are volatile and financial investments should be discussed with an expert. See more information on the various risks below.