Ripple (XRP) Price Prediction 2022-2025-2030

Recognised as one of the most popular digital currencies globally, Ripple (XRP) has failed to leave the lips of financial institutions lately.

Powering global payments for over 200 institutions, including the Bank of America and iRemit, XRP seems to have taken the cryptocurrency industry by storm. Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, which preach decentralisation, Ripple focuses on providing better cross-border payments globally for financial institutions. 

Over the past few years, XRP has moved up a staggering 35,000%, having XRP investors pumping more money into the Ripple ecosystem. What does the future hold for XRP holders with an ever-increasing circulating supply? Let’s find out in this Ripple price prediction article. 

Latest News About XRP

Because Ripple has its most dominant market in South-East Asia, price movement tends to be affected by the Ripple coin when there are major news updates in that region. For example, the price of XRP went up when South Korea and Japan tried reducing transaction fees for payments between the two countries.

Recently, Ripple has constantly been in a lawsuit with the U.S Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). However, XRP is fighting back as the SEC attempts to regulate cryptocurrency. Ripple seems to be winning the battle as the SEC doesn’t have the power to control the digital currency used for global payments. Now, let’s take a look at the performance of XRP over the years and the opinions of XRP holders. 

XRP Price History

Price history is vital to price predictions. So, we will analyse the performance of the Ripple price over the years before looking at the XRP projections and Ripple price predictions.

ripple price statistics

Looking at the price chart, we can see how the price of XRP has changed over the years. Since it launched in 2013, XRP has spiked over 35,000% in price. This price movement of XRP is dependent on the hundreds of financial institutions that signed up to use Ripple Net. 

By January 2018, XRP reached an all-time high of $1.08. However, the all-time high didn’t last long as XRP failed to maintain support levels. The coin experienced a further decline as it plunged over 76% in the same year. By September 2018, XRP jumped up over 140% within a few days as news of better cross-border payment solutions emerged.

In 2020, XRP started on a solid bullish trend but was unstable for most. The significant price rise happened in November 2020 as the XRP rose to $0.79.

By the end of 2020, XRP had fallen to $0.17 when Ripple had issues with the U.S Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). However, XRP showed intense strength again in April 2021 when it hit a three-year high of $1.11 before increasing to $1.25 in August of the same year. With its current price at $0.80, Will XRP be going up or down? Let’s look at the Ripple price predictions and check out the opinion of crypto experts.

Ripple Technical Analysis

Based on Ripple’s price history, technical analysts predict that XRP should sustain its current $0.80 price. That said, let’s look at the recent XRP price predictions for 2022 through 2025. 

XRP Price Prediction 2022

With a lot of happenings surrounding Ripple and the SEC case still unresolved, the price of XRP is expected to jump up soon. Expert technical analysts expect the minimum price of XRP to cross $2 by December 2022. Although it is expected that there will be some price fall during the year, XRP is projected to finish 2022 strong but not above $2.50.

Ripple (XRP) Price Prediction 2023

Moving further to 2023, XRP might not hit crazy numbers, but the coin is expected to go higher than 2022. Technical analysts put the XRP forecast in 2023 at $3.33. It is also expected that the XRP price stays above $2 throughout the year.

XRP Price Prediction 2024

Short-term and long-term technical analysis shows that the XRP price forecast might be around $4-$5 before the end of 2024. Technical analysts believe that XRP adoption will increase during the year, and the coin might replace a lot of fiat currencies.

XRP Price Prediction 2025

In 2025, analysts are very optimistic about the XRP price forecast. Technical Analysis has shown predictions to be in a range of $5 and $8 by December 2025. However, analysts expect mass adoption of XRP between 2024 and 2025. The minimum XRP price projection should be around $6 as the coin is an affordable digital asset.

ripple price prediction

Ripple Price Forecast 2030 | What Crypto Experts Say

In the long term, crypto experts predict that the XRP price will be worth a lot more than it is now. So, how much will XRP be worth in the next 5-10 years?

The financial institutions invested in Ripple and Ripple’s CEO believe that XRP will be like the biggest project in the cryptocurrency space. That said, the popular crypto YouTube channel, Coin Bureau, predicts that the XRP price is expected to hit $7.46 by the end of 2030. Some experts also believe that the price might surge beyond $8 if more investors enter the ecosystem.

Remember that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. Ensure you carry out due diligence before investing. 

What Is Ripple?

Ripple was founded in 2012 by Ripple Labs. The company started with a vision to create the Internet of Value (IoV). This vision led to Ripple creating the fastest payment network and improved cross-border payments for financial institutions. Since its launch, Ripple has continued to make a tremendous improvement to the future of global finance with its network. 

Ripple built its protocol around providing decentralised financial solutions, connecting businesses and customers, and leading financial inclusion using blockchain technology. One of the most exciting things about Ripple is that it doesn’t aim to disrupt the present economic system but rather improve it. Ripple uses an open-source network combined with powerful innovation to make global payments easy.

Ripple has acquired and retained hundreds of institutional customers and investors with all of these in check. Some of the investors in the Ripple ecosystem include giants like CME ventures, Tetragon and SeaGate. Ripple has continued to expand its solution beyond global payments alone as new solutions include Ripple X and Ripple Net. That said, let’s understand the Ripple cryptocurrency- XRP.

The Ripple Crypto (XRP)

The XRP token is the native cryptocurrency of the Ripple network. XRP is referred to as the most refined digital asset for global payments. The most exciting thing about the XRP coin is that it is faster, cheaper, and offers a more secure payment gateway than any other cryptocurrency. 

With the XRP token, users can make payments between two currencies and complete transactions in three seconds. That’s how fast the XRP coin is, coupled with the help of its On-Demand Liquidity (ODL). 

In the words of the CEO of Azimo, Richard Ambrose- “XRP’s ODL solution has significantly reduced the cost and delivery time for cross-border transfers, and our customers are seeing the benefits.”

Presently, there are 47.24 billion XRP tokens in circulating supply with a market cap of $37.78 billion. The XRP coin is ranked number 8 in the cryptocurrency market. In the future, XRP might break into the top 5 cryptocurrencies sooner than expected.

Ripple X, Ripple Net, and The XRP Ledger 

Ripple Labs created Ripple X to accelerate Ripple’s vision to make the Internet of Value. Ripple X uses blockchain technology to accelerate micropayments, e-commerce, and peer-to-peer services. Ripple moved from Ripple X to creating Ripple Net. Ripple Net aims to help hundreds of financial institutions provide better payment experiences and transfer money across the globe in a cheaper and faster way. This ability is one of the reasons that the Ripple payment protocol is called the financial network of the future

Ripple Net provides 100% transparency, decentralised infrastructure, and excellent economic opportunity for every member of the Ripple community. Both Ripple X and Ripple Net use the XRP ledger to facilitate fast payments in the shortest possible time. The transaction settlement time on the XRP ledger is one of the fastest in the cryptocurrency space- faster than Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum combined.

How Does Ripple Work?

Ripple uses an open-source technology to process payments in any form. Whether it is dollars, euros, pounds, or cryptocurrencies, Ripple provides the global network to process transactions between these currencies.

Unlike Bitcoin, Ripple does not use a Proof-of-Work (PoW) system. Instead, it combines complete decentralisation with a consensus protocol to validate transactions between currencies.


Now that we understand the fundamentals of Ripple, the XRP token, and how Ripple works, let’s answer a few questions about the project.

Will XRP reach $2 in 2022?

With a critical look at the current Ripple price today, you can predict that XRP’s price in 2022 will rise beyond $2 in 2022. 

What Will XRP Value Be In 2025?

With many partnerships in the works, and more institutions looking to use the Ripple protocol, the average price of the XRP coin will be worth more than its current price in 2025. Crypto experts believe the XRP prices before 2025 should be nothing less than $7

How Many Financial Institutions Use Ripple?

The number of banks and private institutions that adopt the Ripple transaction protocol is unimaginable. Over 200+ financial institutions use the Ripple protocol. Some of these institutions include global companies like the Bank of America, American Express, Standard Chartered, Cambridge Global Payments, SBI Remit, and Core Innovation Capital, to mention a few.

Is Ripple (XRP) Safe and Secure?

Even though Ripple is an open-source, permission-less network, the safety and security of the platform are 100% guaranteed. So, there is no need to worry about loopholes penetrating the Ripple network or any financial institution on the protocol. Ripple is very safe and secure.

Is XRP a Good Investment?

There is hardly any doubt about the profitability of Ripple. A project trusted by some of the most reliable financial institutions globally is not one to ignore. Yes, XRP is a good investment as it offers fast global payments without any intermediary.

How Can I Buy Ripple (XRP)?

ripple exchange

Ripple (XRP) is available on popular cryptocurrency exchanges. You can buy XRP on Coinbase, FTX, KuCoin,, and Poloniex. However, if you have no trading or investing experience in the crypto market, eToro should be your go-to platform to buy XRP. Getting started on eToro is very easy. You only need to follow the steps to register, verify your account, and start trading Ripple and other crypto assets.


This XRP price prediction article is for information purposes only. The predictions do not necessarily reflect certainty in future prices of Ripple or other crypto assets.

Remember that trading of XRP and other digital currencies is highly volatile, and you are at risk of losing money rapidly if you don’t carry out due diligence. None of the information here is investment advice.


The information presented in the Ripple (XRP) article should not be considered financial advice. Markets are volatile and financial investments should be discussed with an expert. See more information on the various risks below.