Bitcoin Prime Review 2023: Scam or Legit?

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Bitcoin Prime promises what every trader dreams of: an entry into the cryptocurrency market with an excellent trading system and a successful trading robot. Where’s the catch? In this Bitcoin Prime review, we’ll take you through the app and whether we think it’s legit.

We are aware that plenty of companies online make false promises to their client base. A crypto trading platform may claim to be the best in the industry and boast a 90% success rate when in fact, it’s nothing more than a scam. We try to look into such companies and test their services ourselves — so you don’t have to.

Nevertheless, Bitcoin Prime is not one of these brands. We found out that it’s a legitimate service that can help many traders. Read this in-depth Bitcoin Prime review to learn why we think the company differs from the competition.

Bitcoin Prime Review Introduction

Bitcoin Prime: an Introduction

Many people online seem to believe Bitcoin Prime is an automated crypto trading platform or a crypto trading robot. However, our research found that neither of these descriptions applies to the Bitcoin Prime app.

A ‘mediator’ is much closer to the truth. In particular, Bitcoin Prime connects prospective traders and investors with reputable brokers.

The company relies on its own database of brokerages, which is the app’s central selling point. The reason behind this is that the Bitcoin Prime team investigates brokers before partnering up with them. Bitcoin Prime works only with companies of positive reputation who meet all industry standards and regulations.

By using a service like Bitcoin Prime, traders circumvent the need to check each broker by themselves. It saves time and effort, and in some regards, improves traders’ security.

After all, many brokers online appear trustworthy and hide their lack of regulation. What’s more, many people don’t actually know they should check a broker’s credentials, which explains why scams are so successful.

Thus, Bitcoin Prime acts as a shield against unreliable brokerages.

How Does Bitcoin Prime Work?

The logic behind the Bitcoin Prime software is quite simple. First, it collects personal details from each prospective client. Then, it uses that info to link the customer to a broker.

The company has developed an original algorithm that evaluates user data within seconds and produces a broker match quickly. To be precise, the whole procedure — from the Bitcoin Prime account registration to finding a broker — takes just a few minutes.

Furthermore, you will be happy to learn that Bitcoin Prime’s services are free. Yes, you read that correctly! The Bitcoin Prime app doesn’t charge anything to match users with a trading platform.

If you’re wondering how companies like Bitcoin Prime stay in business, we have the answer to that too. Its partner brokers pay a subscription fee to Bitcoin Prime to compensate the app for its marketing efforts.

Is Bitcoin Prime a Scam?

Bitcoin Prime official website responsive design

As we mentioned earlier, many companies in the trading industry are unreliable. Some of them are outright toxic to the trading community. However, we believe Bitcoin Prime is not like them.

For starters, we carefully read through all of the information on the Bitcoin Prime official website. There were no discrepancies or suspicious claims that we found. On the contrary, the company has been very transparent about its services. It has also included numerous disclaimers about the risks involved in financial trading not to mislead its clients.

In addition, Bitcoin Prime is completely free to use. Anyone can try it without an investment and see if it’s the right fit for them, just like we did. It’s virtually impossible to be scammed by a company that doesn’t ask for any payment and has no access to your banking information.

Overall, Bitcoin Prime appears to be trustworthy and safe.

Still, remember that trading is a risky business. Even if you choose the best company with the best trading system, you might still lose money. You should never invest more than you are prepared to lose. Research the market well before you begin live trading sessions.

How to Start Bitcoin Trading with Bitcoin Prime

Start Bitcoin Trading with Bitcoin Prime

If what you read so far appeals to you and you’d like to give Bitcoin Prime a go, simply follow the steps below:

Create an account

Fill in the registration form on the Bitcoin Prime website.

Receive a broker recommendation

The Bitcoin Prime team will match you with a broker automatically within minutes.

Fund your trading account

You need a minimum deposit of $250 or more to begin trading.

After an initial deposit to your account, you will be ready to begin a live trading session. That means you can start trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other crypto tokens. Moreover, you can also try different things, like stock trading or buying and selling Forex currency pairs. The trading platforms that Bitcoin Prime’s brokers offer support all of these instruments.

Bitcoin Prime Key Features

In our experience with the app, we were pleasantly surprised by the wide range of services Bitcoin Prime offers. Though these come from its partner brokers, not the app itself, we still thought it worthwhile to mention the most important advantages that caught our eye.

High-Performance Trading Software

Each broker works with either MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5. Either trading platform is award-winning and has established itself as a favourite in the trading community. Both trading systems support a variety of assets, including crypto coins, CFDs, futures, and even stock trading. Thus, you’re getting access to all aspects of the financial markets, not just a crypto trading system.

Beginner-Friendly Solutions

Bitcoin Prime is suitable for beginners. The website and app utilise a simple design that anyone can follow. Moreover, each broker offers a demo trading feature to help new crypto traders master the financial markets. Using a demo account doesn’t require any real money, making it a safe way to learn new trading strategies. It’s a great method to get to know the live trading feature of each broker and improve your trading accuracy.

An Advanced Auto Trading Platform

Using a trading bot or a full-fledged auto trading system can significantly speed up the live trading process. An automated system can also increase your number of profitable trades and generate money when used correctly. Luckily, all Bitcoin Prime brokers offer crypto trading bots and automated trading platforms to meet this need. However, we recommend that beginners steer clear of AI-powered Bitcoin robots at first, as those may increase risk.

Bitcoin Prime An Advanced Auto Trading Platform

Fast, Secure Payouts

The Bitcoin Prime platform claims that all withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours. Moreover, brokers support many secure payment methods customers can use to collect their earnings.

Bitcoin Prime FAQs

Is there anything else you’d like to know about Bitcoin Prime? We found the answers to people’s most burning questions about the company.

Is Bitcoin Prime Legit?

We found that everything was in order when we researched Bitcoin Prime. The company is only a marketing tool, and everything it offers is legal. Plus, its services are free. We conclude that Bitcoin Prime is legitimate.

How Much Does Bitcoin Prime Cost?

It doesn’t cost anything. Registration for Bitcoin Prime is free, as is finding a broker on its platform.

How Do You Use the Bitcoin Prime Automated Trading System?

There is no Bitcoin Prime automated trading platform or Bitcoin Prime robot. The company doesn’t offer that kind of service. However, customers can obtain automated trading software from the broker the app recommends. Clients need to complete the registration process and refer to their broker’s instructions for more details.

Is Trading with Bitcoin Prime Worth It?

Trading Bitcoin and other cryptos can be a potentially profitable activity. After all, many of the people who invested in Bitcoin early on, when it was worth less than a dollar, became millionaires when BTC hit $70,000 in 2021. Other crypto tokens have also performed well, multiplying their value 100-fold and more over the years. Cryptocurrencies have proven to be a good investment for many people. Nevertheless, trading is still a risky activity, and the possibility of a loss is there. Bitcoin Prime can help minimise that to an extent by connecting you with a regulated broker that offers educational resources and practice demo accounts. But even with all of that support, you should be careful and invest only what you can comfortably lose.

Do Any Celebrities Endorse Bitcoin Prime?

We have all heard of big-time investors like Elon Musk enjoying cryptocurrencies. Many successful business people, especially those from the tech sector, have placed their trust and money in the crypto market. Nevertheless, we didn’t find any link between Bitcoin Prime and such celebrities.


The information presented in the Bitcoin Prime article should not be considered financial advice. Markets are volatile and financial investments should be discussed with an expert. See more information on the various risks below.