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Electronic forum of the Statistical Conference of the Americas

1. The establishment of this electronic forum is to fulfill the request of the Executive Committee of the SCA to ECLAC. The Statistics and Economic Projections Division of the Commission is in charge of this forum.

2. This electronic forum resides in ECLAC's server. The system is compatible with Macintosh and Personal Computer platforms. Basic requirements would be Netscape Navigator 3.0 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0, or more recent versions.

3. This system allows for rapid and easy exchange of information. The participants can comment, respond or propose topics of discussion organized as "conferences". It is automatically configured to register the discussion sequence and exchange of ideas that arise from the varions conferences.

4. The existing modalities are:

  • As registered user: the participant has the option to send and receive documents in several formats (.doc, .xls. .ppt, .pdf, .gif, .htm, etc.), exchange personal e-mails with other participants, administer their own accounts, communicate on-line (chat). Participation implies previous registration, where the participant will be assigned a password and login; these will be required each time he/she enters the forum.
  • As guest: the participant is restricted to a read-only access to the forum.

5. Each registered participant administers his own information: user profiles, e-mail lists, his posted messages (they can be deleted or moved from one conference to another).

6. Our electronic address is:

7. If you have doubt or questions, please contact Verónica Lazo,


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